Making A Difference

Some of my former college professors have become my brother’s college professors today. Every time he mentioned them, my name would also be mentioned. There was one college professor whom I thought wouldn’t remember me because she became my mentor only once. Although I submitted my school work for her class, I don’t think I participated in her class discussions. So I was surprised that she asked my brother if I’m his sister. But she probably heard what I did in other classes from her co-workers.

 I’ve been quiet during classes since high school, but I did a lot of public speaking back in college. The first time I did it, I was really surprised to discover how loud my voice was and how well I was able to deliver my thoughts. I rarely read my cue cards in front of people even though I brought them. I’ve been a shy person, too. But it didn’t stop me from interacting with my patients and other people. Although I did these things, I wasn’t a popular student. But maybe those are the reasons why I made an impression on my former college professors. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if they mentioned me to their students as a role model.

A lot of people say that it’s a waste for me to take up nursing back in college even though I’m not working as a nurse. There are also some people who said that I should’ve just taken a college course that I’m passionate about. My current job made me realize that I want to be remembered for doing these things in person: helping people unconditionally and interacting with other people, especially with friends . Those are what I miss about nursing and I don’t regret taking it in college.

My greatest fear about my current job is that people won’t remember who I am. I don’t want to be remembered as a ghostwriter and I don’t want to rely only on my writing skill forever. I also don’t want to be remembered only by my family…

Photo credits to: prosaix