My Thoughts About My Job + 3 Helpful Things For My Freelance Job

Several months ago, I sometimes complained about not being compensated enough for my freelance writing job. I won’t earn money for a living if I don’t work because I’m only being payed per project. I changed my perception about work after I learned that there’s someone else who’s earning less than I do. He probably has been earning 1000 pesos per month. I thought that I should be thankful for my job because he doesn’t have a computer, an internet, and a writing skill.

I like my job, but I feel that it doesn’t give me the opportunity to interact with other people in person. My social life is becoming dull and I’ve only been interacting with my family. Sometimes I experience burnout whenever I write the same topics again and again. Worst of all, my readers don’t even know that I wrote my clients’ articles. I would’ve been happy if the readers thanked me for writing them. But I couldn’t tell them that I wrote those articles. Most of my articles have lost my writer’s voice. I also can’t guarantee if my articles will be rejected or accepted by both of my superiors and clients. I don’t even know if my articles need revision.

In a few years or so, I’ll probably be looking for another full-time job. I’ll probably work part-time as a freelance writer. I’ll wait for my sibling to graduate from college, pass the board exam, and look for a job before I can go job hunting.

I think I’ve mentioned all of the disadvantages about my job in this blog post. These are the 3 tools that I’ve been using for my writing job. I’ve greatly improved in my job because of them.

1. Hemingway Editor

I’ve been using this tool to determine if my articles have long and confusing sentences. The goal of this tool is to help me create sentences that can give one idea to the readers. I also use this tool to determine if my articles have too many adverbs, passive voice, and difficult words/phrases.

This tool uses 5 colors to point out what I need to change in my articles. The colors are yellow, red, purple, blue, and green. But I just use the first two colors for my articles. Yellow highlights are sentences that are difficult to read. Red highlights are sentences that are very difficult to read. I don’t use this tool for checking my grammar though. I also don’t care that much if the grades of my articles are less than 10.

2. Duplichecker

This tool has been helping me to determine if my articles have similar contents as other web contents. Basically, I use it to identify which sentences/words I have to change/arrange. If I use a bulleted/numbered list, I have to arrange the position of the items until other web contents don’t have the same list.

3. Kesor Density Calculator

I only use this tool if I need to put word(s) in my article a certain number of times until I reach the desired keyword density. It also helps me determine in which paragraphs/sentences I should place the word(s). I had a difficult time using this tool if I have to determine the keyword density for 4 words. This tool doesn’t include articles (example: a, an, the, of, for, etc.) to compute the keyword density. I never use this tool to check my grammar.

Photo credits to: Bass4819