Pixie Cut

Just got a pixie haircut today, but it’s actually the third time that I got it styled that way. I used to have long hair (which I’ve had for almost a lifetime) and a bob haircut (which I’ve had for a couple of years or so).

This is basically what the front part of my pixie haircut almost looks like. Just ignore the model’s face shape because mine’s is round.

Reasons Why I Got a Pixie Hair:

1.) I got fed up with having to deal with too much sweat trickling down the back of my neck whenever I had long hair or a bob. Plus my skin becomes itchy whenever I sweat a lot.

2.) I’m not 100% feminine, so I behave like a guy most of the time. But I dress like a girl all the time and I’m heterosexual (My current crushes are Robi Domingo and Chace Crawford. Haha.)

3.) I have acne-prone skin. According to my dermatologist, acne can also be caused by heat. I traded my locks of hair for a pixie cut because I had a lot of acne scars and acne.

1.) Determine your hair type and face shape.

I have a round face shape. Ginnifer Goodwin, Michelle Williams, and Jennifer Lawrence used to be my references for my pixie cut. Unfortunately, I have thick, straight hair and none of them seem to have that type of hair. Amy Perez used to be my choice for my second pixie, but I’m not sure if her hair is as thick as mine.

2.) Don’t put any chemicals on your hair when your hair stylist will cut your hair for the first time.

My hair stylists (who handled my hair for the first time) had to check my hair type and the first thing that they mentioned is that my hair is thick. They had to be careful in cutting my hair so that my pixie cut won’t look weird.

3.) Ask suggestions from your hair stylist.

My first hair stylist and third hair stylist didn’t cut my hair too short because they knew that I don’t like putting chemicals on my hair as much as possible.

My second hair stylist suggested that I “rebond” my hair, but I refused. :P He didn’t do a good job with the back of my pixie haircut (There were a lot of gaps at the back of my previous pixie haircut that he did. This is what my third hair stylist noticed.).

4.) Be mentally and emotionally prepared.

I was scared and excited while my first hair stylist did my first pixie cut. Scared because at some times, it looked like he made my face look horrible. :P Excited because near the end of his styling, I saw that I actually have feminine features that were dragged down by my long hair and bob cut.

6.) Have hair chemicals.

I would use one of these products to control the thickness of my hair, just enough to make it less weird.

I apply one of them while my hair is still wet. By the way, I don’t spray the product onto my hair directly. I just spray it on my palm and rub it between my palms, then apply it onto my hair.

Here are the good things I experience as a woman who has a round face and thick, straight hair.

1.) I have hair volume (thanks to my thick hair). It’s important for me to have volume on top of my head so that my round face won’t look wide.

2.) I easily stand out from the other women in the crowd. ;-) If my family was looking for me in a crowded area, they just need to find a person who dresses like a woman and who has a pixie cut.

3.) I don’t have to use too much shampoo and hair conditioner. Plus it doesn’t take me an hour to take a bath (this is what my brother would usually complain about when I had long hair/bob hair).

4.) I look younger than my biological age. Some people may find this as a disadvantage. But for me, it’s not. :)

5.) My pixie cut emphasizes more on my face. Whatever good trait that my face has, it’s there for the whole world to see. In my case, my eyes stand out the most.

1.) I can’t just go for any pixie cut. Having my hair cut too short will result to cowlicks. If it isn’t cut properly, it may look like I have a helmet on my head.

2.) Whatever imperfections my face has, they’re also visible to other people. My flaws include acne scars, which I could probably hide by applying makeup. But because I dislike wearing makeup, the scars can be seen.

3.) Some people mistake me for a guy unless they see that I got boobs or whatever feminine physical trait that I have.

4.) My bangs and the back part of my pixie cut grow faster than my sideburns. I have to trim those parts every 2 weeks or so.

5.) I can’t expect that my pixie haircut will look exactly similar to my “ideal” reference haircut. For example, if I were to have the same pixie hairstyle as Michelle Williams, it won’t look similar to hers.

6.) If I plan to let my pixie cut grow back to a bob haircut, it would probably take around 7-9 months or several years for me.

Will I go back to long hair or a bob haircut? Nope! :) To be honest, I had a love-hate relationship with my first pixie cut. But I gradually fell in love with it so much that I would rather have it forever.

Photo Credits to: Julia and Makeupandbeauty