Filing for Initial Registration as a Nurse

I wasn’t contented with the instructions and requirements published on the PRC website, because the steps that the previous nurse initial registrants went through, based from what they mentioned on their blogs, aren’t the same as the ones on this webpage…

Furthermore, the requirements don’t match up with what I read on its other  webpage…

It was really confusing! I had no problem with my cedula and short brown envelope. It’s just that I didn’t know how many documentary stamps, and what size and how many pictures of myself should I bring. Actually, I ended up using none of them, but I didn’t need to have my oath form notarized and did pay 21 pesos for my documentary stamp. Though I still had no idea why the PRC staff stapled a receipt onto my oath form instead of pasting a documentary stamp.

After that, I went to the PRC’s annex building’s auditorium at the 5th floor according to what one of the nurse bloggers told me. The line was long, because some of us unexpectedly showed up; there were those who were supposed to register earlier and some went there even though they weren’t scheduled yet.

From what I heard from the Step 1 station, they only entertain initial registrants who decided to register after their scheduled registration and those who were scheduled on the same day.

Before I proceed with what you should bring and do during your filing for your initial registration, let me explain first what “tag” means.

From my perspective, the word “tag” is being used as a written permission for the applicant to proceed to the next step. Basically, you can’t proceed to step 2 if your “OK to Pay” section of your oath form hasn’t been filled-up by the PRC staff behind the step 1 station. You also can’t proceed to step 3 if your “OR No.” (and probably the “Date Paid” and “Profession”, though I can’t really remember if those were included) hasn’t/aren’t filled-up by the staff behind the step 2 station.

If your oath form hasn’t been “tagged”, you would probably have to fall in line at the previous station.

1.) Bring 21 pesos, computerized oath form that you downloaded and printed from the PRC website, stamp pad, black ball pen, community tax certificate/cedula that you used to file for the PNLE that you passed, and snacks. You can bring the other requirements that are mentioned on the PRC website just to be safe. Your computerized oath form already has the same picture of yourself that you used when you applied for the PNLE that you passed in. The stamp pad is needed for you to affix your right thumb mark on one of the forms that the PRC staff behind the first table of the Step 3 station will give you. 

2.) Pay 21 pesos for a documentary stamp. If you’re not given one, you should receive a small receipt stapled to your oath form. Maybe the PRC ran out of documentary stamps due to the unexpected number of initial registrants at the venue.

3.) Give your accomplished oath form to the PRC staff behind the Step 1 station or give it to one of the staff collecting it while you’re waiting in line for your turn to go to the Step 1 station. You should receive your oath form that’s already been “tagged” by the staff behind Step 1 station, along with your PERRC (Permanent Examination Registration Record Card) with a mark where you’re supposed to fill-up after your name is being called. Hold onto that card for the meantime and don’t write anything on it. You can’t complete the information needed for the part of the PERRC where you’re being told to fill-up without the information that you’ll get from the Step 2 station.

4.) Give your 1, 050 pesos and oath form to the cashier behind the Step 2 station. You should receive your official receipt and an oath form that’s already been “tagged” by the same cashier. If the cashier behind that station will take a break at 12 o’clock, you can pay for your initial registration at the 3rd or 4th floors of the annex building or wait for the cashier to come back after lunch.

5.) Fill-up the the area on your PERRC where the staff at the Step 1 station marked for you. If one of the staff is collecting PERRCs, give it to him/her even though you haven’t finished filling it up yet. They collect them to save time, which is efficient.

6.) Give your PERRC to the staff behind the first table of the Step 3 station. If your PERRC has been collected by another staff already, wait for your name to be called at the Step 3 station. You should receive a Registry for Professionals form and the PERRC after that. If you receive your PERRC that hasn’t been filled-up by you, accomplish it.. The form already has the same picture as the one that you used when you applied for the PNLE that you passed in.

7.) Accomplish your Registry for Professionals form by affixing your thumb mark and filling-up the other information that’s needed. You can find a stamp pad located at the second table of the Step 3 station. When you go there, don’t fall in line with the rest of the people who are lining up, because that’s the line for those initial registrants who will receive their claim slips after filling-up all of their documents.

8.) Give your accomplished Registry for Professionals form, PERRC, and oath form to the staff behind the second table of the Step 3 station. You should receive a claim slip after that.

9.) Check the PRC website if you’re already registered.

You can verify if you already registered as a nurse at the PRC by using the form below in either/both ways. If your registration has been successful, you’ll see that your full name has been listed already in the Registry books if you search by name. If you search by license number, your full name will be shown, along with the time that you finished registering at the PRC and when will your license need to be renewed.

Photo credits to: The people who uploaded through Foursquare