From Writing to Making Food

I never went back to my writing job for several months now. Perhaps my superiors have already noticed my absence, which probably won’t make a difference. There are many other writers who can work for them anyway.  I left my writing job because it hurts to see my articles be published under someone else’s name. At first, I was happy that someone liked my work despite being given a low financial compensation. But lately, my articles have lost my voice even though I was still compensated.

After leaving my writing job, I tried to write a novel for Wattpad. I wanted to try it out because a lot of Filipino authors have their novels discovered by Philippine-based book publishers. What caught my attention is that the novels are published with the names of the authors. I thought that I could write stories because I enjoy reading books. I’ve thought about 3-4 different plots for my novel, yet I couldn’t think about how to write them. I couldn’t do it no matter how many times I’ve read the novels of my favorite authors.

I kept wondering, “Where is the 14-year-old me who used to weave words into poems and essays?” Maybe the writer in me was already gone during my cousin’s illness.

I’m currently working as an assistant in a food business. It can be a messy job sometimes, but I enjoy it. I get to make designs that look good for each food. Plus I get to experiment with different tastes. :)

Photo credits to: claremanson